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Heist Update: Kim K's Terrifying Conversation with Concierge

Heist Update: Kim K's Terrifying Conversation with Concierge

On Tuesday, Reality star Kim Kardashian spoke to the police over the phone about her Paris robbery, People magazine reports.

A source told the publication that Kim gave an in-depth account of her interactions with the hotel concierge during the phone call.

The concierge, who was handcuffed by the robbers and forced to provide them access to the apartment, was on hand for the entire robbery. At one point, Kim even asked the concierge if they were going to die and he responded that he wasn’t sure in a calm demeanor.

After the robbers made off with a reported $11 million worth of jewelry and one cellphone, they took the concierge with them and left him in the lobby without taking his handcuffs off.

Since the scary incident, Kim’s view on social media has changed. Another insider said, “Kim’s in shock… She’s tearing herself up that she Snapchatted the ring so much and wore it all the time. This incident is making her question everything. How she dresses, what she does.”


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Paris police department spokeswoman Johanna Primevert is also putting the blame on social media, telling CNN, "It was really the celebrity who was targeted, with possessions that had been seen and noticed via social media, and it was these goods that the attackers targeted.”

Kim has hired more security to protect her, with nearly 30 guards spotted manning her NYC apartment since the robbery… but what’s the cost? E! News reports that each guard could cost between $75-125 per hour, which means she could spend around $100,000 in 24 hours for security.

TMZ was the first to report the news of Kim’s call with the police.