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Alec Baldwin Debuts as Donald Trump on 'SNL' Season Premiere

Alec Baldwin Debuts as Donald Trump on 'SNL' Season Premiere
Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

Alec Baldwin, who has been associated with "Saturday Night Live" since hosting it for the first of 16 times back in 1990, has signed on to play Donald Trump this season — and if his debut last night was any indication, the reaction will be "huge."

Baldwin and Kate McKinnon, who continued her Hillary Clinton impersonation, opened the show with a parody of the first presidential debate.

Baldwin's Trump was "braggadocious" right from the start, declaring he was going to nail the debate before it had even begun. Watch:

For her part, McKinnon's Hillary made a Willy Wonka-inspired entrance, playing off of Trump's accusations that Clinton, who briefly suffered from pneumonia, doesn't have the stamina to be POTUS. Watch:

In the end, the candidates came together in a way Hillary and The Donald are unlikely ever to do, considering the Democrat attacked her rival on Saturday for not paying his taxes and the Republican knocked his rival the same day for not being "loyal" to her husband. Watch:

The show, expected to be a ratings blockbuster, featured Margot Robbie as host, The Weeknd as musical guest, and included a Team Hillary vs. Team Trump "Family Feud" parody, Leslie Jones sending up the recent leak of her personal photos, and a sketch about a sexy librarian (Robbie) with some very unsexy secrets.

"Saturday Night Live" producer Lorne Michaels recently revealed that Tina Fey had a big impact on Alec's casting as Trump. He told USA Today, "She said, 'You know who would be a great Trump is Alec!' I talked to Alec, who was finishing a movie, he was getting ready to have a baby — it couldn't have been worse timing. But, slowly, the idea grew on me. People on the show liked it, and I thought he'd be great with Kate."