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Alec Baldwin on Baby #3 and Taking on Donald Trump for ‘SNL'

Alec Baldwin on Baby #3 and Taking on Donald Trump for ‘SNL'

It was date night for Alec and Hilaria Baldwin as the couple stepped out to host the launch of Hola magazine's USA edition in NYC. Only “Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with the duo on the red carpet, just two and a half weeks after welcoming baby number 3, son Leonardo.

Asked how much sleep the couple has been getting lately, Alec replied, “Not a whole lot actually.” He also revealed that there are no plans for more babies in the future, stating, “I say we’re done.”

Hilaria shared that it was not their first night out since the birth of their little one. “I got my butt out of bed with my child, left him for like an hour to go run to the Philharmonic.” Alec chimed in, “And she fell asleep. For a little while.” Hilaria defended herself, saying, “I was really tired.”


Alec is resting up for this weekend’s giant “Saturday Night Live” season opener, on which he will play Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon will channel Hillary Clinton in an epic, late-night showdown. Trump himself previously told “Extra’s" Mario Lopez he would love Alec to play him. Alec smiled, “That’s what I wanted to do, I wanted to make his wish come true… So when they asked me, I said, 'I'm only going to do this for Donald.' I'm doing it for him.”

Alec has been working hard on nailing Trump’s mannerisms before the big night, pointing out, “There's plenty of time between now and 11:30 on Saturday. There's an eternity.”

As for Trump’s comments in the presidential debate on Monday, Alec said, “I think the debate really, really crippled him. If not paying taxes makes you smart, then I must be one of the dumbest people in this country.”

Alec also predicted how Donald’s Spanish would sound, blurting out, “Hillary, escúchame ahora mismo.”

“SNL’s” 42nd season premieres Saturday on NBC, but we’ll have to wait and see if Alec makes it through the whole show. He joked, “I hope I can stay awake till 11:30 on Saturday night.” Watch a preview below!