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Why the Kardashians Are Worried About Dad-to-Be Rob's Health

Why the Kardashians Are Worried About Dad-to-Be Rob's Health

Reality star Rob Kardashian is going to be a father very soon, but there are some hurdles he must overcome.

Rumors are swirling that Rob has thrown in the towel on his health while struggling to make his relationship with fiancée Blac Chyna work.

TMZ reports that Rob has gained back all the weight that he lost when he first started dating Chyna, and his family is concerned that he’ll suffer another diabetes scare. A close pal shared, "Rob is slipping back into a dark place."

Rob and Blac Chyna are subject to constant breakup rumors, but are they finally succumbing to the pressure? A source told People magazine, "Rob and Chyna are not in a great place. They are always up and down, but they went through a very rough patch as recently as last week. They weren't speaking, or even texting."

The insider reiterated, "It doesn't bode well for their relationship, especially considering the baby is coming so soon. They're not broken up, but it's not a healthy relationship at all.”

Since the pair are unable to see eye-to-eye on certain things, his family is worried. Another insider explained, "His family is sure he will be a great dad. They do agree that for the baby's sake, Rob and Chyna need to find a way to get along better.”