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Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado Speaks Out Against Donald Trump

Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado Speaks Out Against Donald Trump

Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado is opening up about her weight struggles after her name was brought up in the presidential debate.

Machado, who won the title in 1996, the first year the pageant was owned by Donald Trump, says she was called "Miss Piggy” and “Miss Eating Machine” by Trump after she gained weight during her reign. She spoke to "Good Morning America” on Wednesday morning, saying, "I had a lot of problems. Anorexic, bulimic — that kind of problems.” Watch!

Alicia recently reflected on her battle with eating disorders while she was a beauty queen, telling Cosmopolitan, “Sometimes I didn’t want to go out anywhere. I was all the time in the bathroom. That is horrible."

Later in the morning on Wednesday, she made an appearance on “Today,” where she opened up about the body shaming she says she endured from Donald Trump. "You know, with 18 years old, when you are growing up, that was horrible for me. My self-esteem [was] on the floor.”

After the debate, Trump defended his past comments about Machado on "Fox & Friends," saying, "She was the worst we ever had. She was the winner, and she gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem.”

When asked about his harsh comments, Machado told "GMA," "Maybe he will be saying bad things about me, but it's okay. I’m strong."

Back in 1997, Donald called out Machado for her weight, telling People magazine, "When you win a beauty pageant, people don't think you're going to go from 118 to 160 in less than a year, and you really have an obligation to stay in perfect physical shape.”

That same year, he talked to Howard Stern about Alicia's eating habits, reiterating, "She was like an eating machine — she ate a lot of everything. She gained about 55 pounds in nine months.” Despite his claims, Machado said she only gained 18 pounds.

As for what the Hillary Clinton supporter thinks of Trump running for president, the 39-year-old admitted, "That same person I knew, I see in each of his speeches and I see it getting worse and I see it even more harmful and even more damaging.”

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has released an ad starring Machado in the wake of the debate.