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How Bobby Brown Is Handling Judge’s ‘Legally Responsible' Ruling Against Nick Gordon

How Bobby Brown Is Handling Judge’s ‘Legally Responsible' Ruling Against Nick Gordon

Over a week after Nick Gordon was found “legally responsible” for Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death, her dad Bobby Brown is still waiting for criminal charges to be filed.

Brown recently told pastor T.D. Jakes in a sit-down interview, "I don't know the specifics of what happened, but as the judge has said, he is legally responsible. I know some things that happened to my daughter, but it's up to the D.A. now to do his job.”

Though he claimed he had nothing to do with her death, Gordon was hit with a wrongful death lawsuit from her conservators last year. A judge ruled that Gordon was legally responsible after he missed another court appearance in the $50-million lawsuit. After the lawsuit was filed, Gordon denied any wrongdoing, even appearing on Dr. Phil to prove his innocence. He shared earlier this year, "Regardless of what everybody thinks, I made Krissy and Whitney's last few years on earth as happy as they would be. I gave them somebody to trust to, to talk to, to be there, someone genuine." Watch!

Nick has not been charged in Bobbi Kristina's death, but a criminal investigation is “still ongoing.” Bobby is staying positive, saying, "Until then, just knowing that he's legally responsible for my daughter's death has given me a bit of calmness to waiting for that D.A. There's a lot of strange things that will come out in the criminal charges against Nick."

In January last year, Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in a bathtub and remained in a coma for six months before passing away. Bobby recalled, "My daughter was afraid of tubs because of what happened to her mom. So I know she wouldn't have gotten in the tub. I mean, it's crazy because the tub wasn't even full of water. It had a dustpan in it, in the bottom of the tub.”

Bobbi’s famous mother Whitney Houston was found dead in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton in February 2012, just days before the Grammys.