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Chelsea Handler & Mary McCormack’s Take on the Presidential Debate — Who Won?

Chelsea Handler & Mary McCormack’s Take on the Presidential Debate — Who Won?

Comedian Chelsea Handler always tells it like it is, and last night was no exception.

The comedian and her good friend/fellow Hillary Clinton supporter Mary McCormack took to Twitter to comment live on the first presidential debate of 2016 that the whole nation was watching! “Extra” caught up with the duo right after the debate to get their reaction on what went down.

Chelsea weighed in on what she thought the best moments of the debate were, commenting, “There were many great moments tonight, but obviously, I take a lot of joy when he loses his way and he’s not able to actually talk about the issues that they are talking about and then hyperbolizes to no end and he’s not really discussing anything.”

“As a citizen of this country, you want somebody who knows what they are talking about, who has policy points, and he has none! He’s the ‘best jobs, the most people, the best Mexicans,’ the words! He likes adjectives!” she added.

As for what they considered the most outrageous moment of the night, Chelsea believed it was when Trump declared that he didn’t pay his taxes, which he thought made him “smart.” Mary chimed in that the comment was a “real insight into the moral center of this character. He is proud of that!”

The two also poked fun of Trump’s case of the sniffles. Mary joked while imitating Trump, “The sniffles alone – how can you elect a guy with that nose? The sniffles, the water drinking. Forget her pneumonia. What’s wrong with him?” Chelsea added, “Maybe he caught the cold he accused her of lying about!”

Mary wasted no time declaring who the winner was, saying, “I think she killed him, It was quite a relief… It showed that she is the most qualified person… He just looked foolish. Thank goodness he didn’t keep it together.”

Chelsea also only had wonderful words for Clinton, gushing, “If I were standing up there or if you were standing up there and he was attacking something, she never once interrupted him, he interrupted her over and over, so unless you’re going to call him out on that, but women are used to that and it is a sexist thing.” She proclaimed, “That’s the toughest b*tch I know and you better believe I want her to be our president.”

To hear more of Chelsea’s candid thoughts on the latest headlines, watch her Netflix show “Chelsea.”