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Taraji P. Henson Throws Shade at 50 Cent for ‘Empire' Dig

Taraji P. Henson Throws Shade at 50 Cent for ‘Empire' Dig

“Empire” Taraji P. Henson had some biting comments for 50 Cent, who made a jab at her FOX show.

Over the weekend, 50 took to Instagram to post a headline that claimed “Empire” ratings were declining, with the caption, "Well look at the bright side at least. You can eat your trophies. I was talking to old girl but you felt like you had to respond. SMH you know I love you cookie. I got a new show for you BMF COMING SOON !!!#EFFENVODKA.”

After seeing his post, which has since been deleted, Taraji posted a pic of a recent article, which pointed out that “Empire” was still the #1 scripted show on broadcast television. She added, "For the confused ppl. Do REAL research!!! Loose change makes sooooooo much UNNECESSARY NOISE. STILL LOOKING FOR THAT DAMN CENT SIGN!!!😒 I guess it's obsolete 😔. AGAIN CONGRATS ON YOUR SUCCESS BLACK MAN!!! @50cent.”

50 responded to Taraji’s Instagram post, commenting, "All this back and forth sh*t is starting to turning me on cookie, LMAO I ran into Lee Daniels at the gym on Sunset Blvd. he asked why I didn't except his offer to be on EMPIRE. I told him I have a lot going on, I'm actually working on the show FOX is gonna replace EMPIRE with, he looked at me like…why the f**k are you doing that?”

"It's because I'm a drug dealer, and I was taught to get in, get your weight up, then take over. So that's the deal #EFFENVODKA #smsaudio #FRIGO,” he added.

50 later deleted that post, too.