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Watch! Jimmy Fallon Crashes James Corden’s Interview

What is better than one late-night host at the Emmys? Two!

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez was there for the epic star collision as Jimmy Fallon crashed his interview with James Corden. James told Mario he was actually at the L.A. Rams home opener with his buddies just before hitting the red carpet.

“We were cheerleading with the cheerleaders for the Rams like four hours ago…” Corden was saying, when Jimmy Fallon came out of nowhere. Laughter and hugs ensued, as Jimmy said, “How did you get here first? I’ve been doing it longer. Come on, let me talk to Mario.”

James and Jimmy were both up for up for Outstanding Variety Series at the Emmys, but ended up losing to John Oliver.

Jimmy gushed over James, “This guy is unbelievable — congrats on everything, man.” James replied, “Shut up! It’s all about this guy... I hope more than anything, I mean this from the bottom of my heart… The only person I want to win is one person right here, more than everything, truly, 'cause if he wins, it gives us hope that we might be able to win one day.”

Jimmy was not getting his hopes up, actually showing James and Mario the face he planned to make when John Oliver won.

Tune in to “Extra” tomorrow to see the hilarity that ensued after the crash!