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The Final Days of Alexis Arquette’s Life

The Final Days of Alexis Arquette’s Life

Alexis Arquette spent his last month alive as a man, according to Radar Online.

Arquette’s ex-boyfriend Robert Dupont told the site, "My twin brother Richard and I had lunch with him in Santa Monica less than a month ago. Alexis had changed over and was living as a man again and he asked me if I had any clothes I didn’t want that he could wear. I had only a few things I had with me as I was visiting from Palm Springs. I put together a box for him when I got home but I never got to send it before he passed."

Robert posted a photo of Alexis wearing a Hawaiian Punch tee, sunglasses, and a flower in his hair on Facebook. Radar Online reports it is the last photo of Alexis before he died of multiple ailments, including AIDS.

Dupont added, "Alexis was living with AIDS and he had an inoperable tumor and he had developed an infection. I was told that went to his liver and throughout his body.”

Dupont’s statement about Alexis living as a man was backed up by Richmond Arquette’s Facebook post announcing his brother death, in which he noted Alexis had gone back to being his “brother."

Though Alexis was put into an induced coma for several days before his death, what was he doing with his time beforehand? Robert revealed, "He was working as an artist and living in an Actors Fund home in West Hollywood for people with HIV and AIDS. He hated it. People kept breaking into his apartment and they did alcohol and drugs. Alexis hated that. He never did drugs and he didn’t drink."

Near the end of his life, Alexis was apparently struggling with “a lot of pain.” Another source said, "He was holding on so hard at the end and he was such a fighter. Alexis was sick for so long.”

Over the weekend, Arquette passed away with his family and close loved ones by his side.