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Is Kendall Jenner Going Platinum Again?

Is Kendall Jenner Going Platinum Again?

New York Fashion Week is underway, and the models are ready for the runway.

“Extra” caught up with model and mogul Kendall Jenner as she made her first appearance — at a Target event — to kick off the festivities.

Kendall dished on little sister Kylie’s new platinum blonde hair she debuted earlier in the day, “Sick, right?” She added with a smile, “She beat me to it.”

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The reality star, who went platinum at the Balmain show in March 2016, insisted she won’t actually be giving up her brunette locks again anytime soon, “I wanted to, in my dreams.”


Jenner also talked about buying her dream home, an impressive $6.5-million L.A. pad. “I wanted a pool, I wanted space, I was living in a condo before, just really wanted the next step.”

For now, she’s getting ready to step on the runway, “I'm super excited to be here, kick it off with Target, think some of my friends are going to be here.” She is most excited that her friends and K Dash fam gets to join her. “When I first started doing these fashion week things a couple years agom not a lot of my friends and family were around, and now everyone kind of is. The week's really exciting and fun.”

The second-highest-paid model revealed her current fashion must-have: “You'll always find me wearing these boot, heel, ankle-boot things, so I guess I'm obsessed with them right now.”