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The Secret to Tom Hanks’ 28-Year Marriage to Rita Wilson

The Secret to Tom Hanks’ 28-Year Marriage to Rita Wilson

On Sunday, “Extra’s” Renee Bargh sat down with Tom Hanks, who dished on his marriage to Rita Wilson.

The pair recently took a vacation and posted a cute selfie together on Instagram. He gushed, “We get along, I must say.” As for the secret to their marriage, he dished, “Picking the right person, ya know. I got lucky, she could have done better.”

I love him

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Though they love each other, Rita is not a fan of his facial hair. He joked, “You will say… another mustache?”

Hanks grew a mustache and dyed his hair white for his new film “Sully.” He revealed, “It’s not easy to get white hair, really. White hair has to be bleached, burn-washed. If you want to make your mustache white, you have to pull it out, hair by hair, stretch it out, and with a little tiny paint brush, paint against the grain of the hair.”

Tom worked with legendary director Clint Eastwood on the film. Of the 86-year-old, he said, “Clint is an intimidating dude.”

As for why he wanted to be part of the movie, Hanks said, “Any time you can take a story that everybody thinks they know and blow them out of their hut by showing the second half of the story."

“Sully” hits theaters September 9.