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Rob Lowe on His Comedy Central Roast: 'I'm Ready to Have My Spirit Broken'

Rob Lowe on His Comedy Central Roast: 'I'm Ready to Have My Spirit Broken'
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It was a big night for Rob Lowe as the TV and movie veteran was celebrated — and dissed — in front of his peers and family Saturday night as the star of one of Comedy Central’s epic roasts.

Though everyone knows the celebs on hand are notorious for trashing the roastee, Rob was calm, cool, and collected on the red carpet talking to “Extra’s” Renee Bargh.

The 52-year old told "Extra" he is a huge fan of these events... well, at least as an audience member! "I love these roasts," Rob gushed. "I watch every single one of them. I have them all saved on my DVR, and the meaner, the better. We’re in such a PC society — nobody can say anything about anybody without offending anybody. This is like a breath of fresh air. So I’m excited to have my spirit broken."

Asked if he was really ready for the full roast treatment, Rob said, "I’m ready... as I’ll ever be. With the continuing devolving of our society, being roasted by Comedy Central has become the Jean Hersholt Award of our time," referencing the humanitarian award handed out at the Oscars.

Lowe, who has published two memoirs in the past detailing his former bad-boy ways, said he was sure the panel — including David Spade, Ann Coulter, and Jeff Ross — would probably have no trouble digging up some dirt on him. "I imagine these guys have been at it for a while," he observed.

Rob was joined by his sons John and Matthew, who told "Extra" they were ready for anything, saying, “This is a common thing for us. We roast him all the time. We warmed him up for this.” Their dad had no worries about anything his sons might hear, noting, "Google exists."

Tune in to see how Rob fared when "The Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe" premieres on Comedy Central September 5 at 10 p.m.