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Chelsea Handler on Madonna, Plus: How Madonna's Daughter Reacted to 'Truth or Dare'

Chelsea Handler on Madonna, Plus: How Madonna's Daughter Reacted to 'Truth or Dare'
Alek Keshishian & Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler is not one of Madonna's biggest fans... but that could be changing!

At a sold-out Q&A after a 25th-anniversary screening of the 1991 documentary "Madonna: Truth or Dare" at Metrograph in NYC Friday night, Handler acted as moderator with her close pal Alek Keshishian, who directed the film, admitting she has a newfound appreciation for the pop icon.

Handler said, "We all can judge celebrities for acting like celebrities... I have thoughts about Madonna, like, 'Ugh, she's so ridiculous!' but she's not ridiculous... I see a lot of myself in [Madonna]... I think that when we see ourselves in other people, maybe we reject them a little bit, and I definitely had that feeling, like, 'Oh, she's too loud! She's too obnoxious!' That's my sh*t, that's what I'm dealing with."

She also asserted of Madonna's physique, "I would cut my legs off for those arms," to which Keshishian quipped, "Which would give you a really weird body."

Keshishian told the crowd about watching "Truth or Dare" for the first time with Madonna since 1991 at a Wednesday-night screening at NYC's Museum of Modern Art. He was sitting next to Madonna, and her 19-year-old daughter Lourdes "Lola" Leon was just a few seats away. Keshishian admitted he couldn't resist leaning over to watch how Lola was reacting to a scene in which her mom demonstrates her approach to giving oral pleasure, using an Evian bottle as her prop.

"On the Evian bottle scene, I do have to admit she kind of like... reached over to her mother," Keshishian said, reporting that Madonna gave her daughter a mortified expression. He then imitated Lola's reaction to the scene, going from closing her eyes, to opening them and looking shocked, to closing them again. As for the star of the film, Keshishian noted, "And Madonna, by the way, sat perfectly still." Lola was later overheard raving about her mom's '90s-chic looks from the film.

Madonna chose "dare," resulting in this classic scene.

"Madonna: Truth or Dare" plays at Metrograph through September 1. A retrospective of Madonna's other movie work is playing at the same venue simultaneously, in case Lola needs to do more research on her mother!