Larry King Is ‘Completely Embarrassed’ by Wife’s Alleged Cheating

Larry King Is ‘Completely Embarrassed’ by Wife’s Alleged Cheating

Though their lawyers are slamming the rumors as "inaccurate," Larry King’s seventh wife Shawn is being accused of cheating on him with a younger man... Richard Greene.

Page Six reports Shawn, 56, met Greene when he was a guest on her podcast with Larry, "Back and Forth with Shawn and Larry.” She allegedly told Greene that her marriage to Larry was over after 19 years.

After news of Shawn's alleged infidelity broke, the famed talk-show host is said to be torn over what to do. A source told People magazine, "It's true, and Larry is completely embarrassed and anguished by all of this. He doesn't know what to do.”

Though Larry has not filed divorce papers yet, Shawn and Richard are reportedly back together after a brief split. They allegedly had a one-year-affair.

Six years ago, Larry, 82, and Shawn filed for divorce, but eventually reconciled and put the breaks on the divorce proceedings. At the time, Larry said in a statement, "A lot of new things are happening to us, and we are happy to be together as a family with our children.”

Around the same time, Shawn was hospitalized after she was found unconscious with bottles of prescription pills by her side. Larry shared after Shawn's near-death incident, "Our marriage is still together, and I am staying very close to our children, who we love immensely. We shall go through this difficult time intact as a family.”

Though Larry and Shawn have not commented on the cheating rumors.