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See What Janice from 'Friends' Looks Like Today

See What Janice from 'Friends' Looks Like Today

Maggie Wheeler made a rare public appearance this week to promote "Friends" Fest and reminisce about her beloved character Janice.

Wheeler opened up about the memorable role as Chandler Bing’s on-again, off-again girlfriend while visiting the British show “This Morning.”

Shockingly, the actress does not speak in Janice’s signature nasal voice, nor does she have that over-the-top laugh, but she did slip back into character for the hosts. Watch!

The 55-year-old explained why she came up with Janice’s unforgettable laugh, saying, “I knew Matthew Perry was going to make me laugh on set, so I had to be prepared. I came up with the laugh as a sort of safety measure."

Wheeler added, “It was supposed to be a one-shot thing, but I think I was in 22 or 23 episodes over 10 years. It was a joyous experience.”

The star doesn’t mind when fans ask her to deliver a Janice impression. “I still get recognized and I do mimic Janice if people ask me.”

"Friends" Fest, which features recreated sets and props, will take place in London at Haggerston Park from August 24 - August 29 and at Chiswick House and Gardens from September 1 -September 4.