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Jessica Alba Reveals How She Stayed in Shape for 'Mechanic: Resurrection,' and Her Guilty Food Pleasures

Jessica Alba Reveals How She Stayed in Shape for 'Mechanic: Resurrection,' and Her Guilty Food Pleasures

Jessica Alba sat down with “Extra’s” Renee Bargh to talk about how she prepped her flawless bikini bod for her role in “Mechanic: Resurrection” and what her daughters know about her acting career.

The 35-year-old mother of two told Renee how she got in tip-top shape for the film. “I did Krav Maga, which is a different type of martial arts I never did before, it was really fun.” She also shared her workout regimen to get swimsuit ready. “You need to be fit for it, I did work with a trainer, I did the Krav Maga, which is quite exhausting, it's quite a cardio workout… a little bit of weights here and there, yoga, and then cardio.”

Alba tries to eat as much fresh food as possible, but she does have her own guilty food and drink pleasures. What does she miss the most when she's training hard? “Nachos… and hot wings,” she said, adding, “And margaritas… you should have vodka on the rocks or tequila on the rocks, not so much sugar.”

Alba plays Jason Statham’s girlfriend Gina in the movie. When Gina is kidnapped, Statham’s character Arthur Bishop must make three impossible kills to rescue her. Jessica revealed she did some of her own stunts for the movie. “When you do your own stunts sometimes you get banged up a bit. It's just kind of what happens.” She also has some steamy loves scenes with Jason. “It’s always weird, it’s awkward… you just kind of acknowledge that this is strange.”

The movie is rated R, and not something her daughters Honor and Haven will be seeing. The Honest Company co-founder told Renee she is okay with that. “I’m not that interested in them seeing me do stuff in entertainment… for them, they know I go to an office every day and I have a company, that to them is my job… they know I do this (acting), but that’s kind of secondary.”

“Mechanic: Resurrection” opens in theaters on Aug. 26.