Michael Phelps Reacts to Ryan Lochte Lying Scandal

Michael Phelps Reacts to Ryan Lochte Lying Scandal

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is speaking out for the first time about troubled teammate Ryan Lochte.

While on a Starbucks run in Arizona, the gold medalist was asked if he thinks Ryan will emerge from the scandal unscathed. According to, Phelps replied, "We have good people taking care of us, so hopefully."

Phelps’ response comes on the heels of Lochte’s apology for his actions in Rio last week.

Though he first claimed he had been robbed at gunpoint, video surfaced proving that Lochte and teammates James Feigen, Gunnar Bentz, and Jack Conger had actually stopped at a gas station in Rio where, the United States Olympic Committee confirmed in a statement, one of them vandalized a restroom before the group attempted to leave. They were detained, paid a small amount of money for the damages, and left.

After news broke that they had allegedly been robbed, Brazilian authorities began suspecting that Lochte had fabricated the story, going so far as to pull Bentz and Conger off a plane before they could leave Brazil. Lochte had already returned to the U.S., where he continued to maintain they had been robbed.

In the face of overwhelming evidence and admissions by his teammates, Lochte’s story has changed.

On Friday morning, Lochte wrote on Instagram, “I want to apologize for my behavior last weekend — for not being more careful and candid in how I described the events of that early morning and for my role in taking the focus away from the many athletes fulfilling their dreams of participating in the Olympics. I waited to share these thoughts until was confirmed that the legal situation was addressed and it was clear that my teammates would be arriving home safely.”

Read his full statement here.