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Ryan Lochte Returns to America After Scary Rio Robbery

Ryan Lochte Returns to America After Scary Rio Robbery

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte is back on U.S. soil after allegedly being robbed in Rio last week.

Lochte’s lawyer Jeffrey Ostrow told “Extra” on Wednesday, "Ryan left the country as he was planning to after he was finished with his events. He left after fully cooperating with the Brazilian authorities. He gave a full and complete witness statement that was transcribed under oath that he signed his name to attesting to its veracity. They never asked him to remain in Rio for further investigation.”

He added, "If they did, he would have. No Brazilian authorities have followed up with me for additional information.”

Lochte claimed that he was held at gunpoint by robbers, who posed as police officers, while enjoying a night out in Rio with a few of his U.S teammates. Despite his detailed account of what happened, Rio police are reportedly doubting him since they haven’t been able to find any evidence to support his story, according to the Associated Press.

Though Lochte claimed that he had to give up his wallet to the robbers, he was caught on camera with it hours later while returning to the Olympic Village. Watch the surveillance video, obtained by DailMail.uk, of Lochte going through the metal detector with his wallet in his hand.

Ryan was in town for the Rio Olympics, where he took home one gold medal.