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John Legend Gushes About His ‘Wonderful Little Girl,’ Reveals Who Luna Looks Like

Singer John Legend is just smitten with his baby girl Luna with wife Chrissy Teigen. The singer sat down with “Extra’s” Tracey Edmonds and was gushing over his bundle of joy.

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Legend shared, “She’s such a wonderful little girl.” He added, “We’re still learning and figuring everything out and she’s changing every day, it’s quite a fun process.”

Luna, obviously blessed with good genes, is the perfect combination of her famous parents. Legend said, “Some days she looks more like me, and some days she looks more like Chrissy — it depends on the angle and the day... Chrissy and I have certain aspects of us that looks like each other, so our baby’s gonna look like both of us.”

Legend, the executive producer of “Southside with You,” is chronicling the story of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle’s first date in the movie. He said, “It’s just a great window into this amazing couple that we all know and love.”

As for why he focused on their first date, Legend revealed, “They’ve lived such a substantial life that you can’t cover it all in a film… Seeing this is a particularly cool window of who they are as people, because you could already see the beginnings of what made them special, but it was when they were starting to see it in each other at the beginning of their relationship.”

Regarding the current presidential election, John stated, “Of course I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.”