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McKayla Maroney Is Unrecognizable at Teen Choice Awards Pre-Party

McKayla Maroney Is Unrecognizable at Teen Choice Awards Pre-Party

Four years ago, McKayla Maroney became a popular meme for her “unimpressed” look at the London Olympics.

Just before this summer’s Olympic Games kick-off in Rio, Maroney made an appearance at TigerBeat's Official Teen Choice Awards Pre-Party in West Hollywood.


The 20-year-old swapped out her trademark ponytail and Olympic garb for braids and a plunging romper at the party, which was sponsored by NYX Professional Makeup and Rock Your Hair.

McKayla recently took to Instagram to respond to comments that she has changed over the years. She wrote, “I totally understand why people are upset about me ‘changing', i get it.. but if i can promise you one thing, it's that i will never stop changing. life is all about growing, evolving, and becoming more and more yourself, and these last couple years i've done nothing but that! i've finally gotten myself to the point where i know who i am, and what i want out life, and you can either love me, or hate me for that.”

She went on to write, “either way, i love you, and wish you the best, because to me a real role model is someone who has the courage to be exactly who they are no matter what anyone else thinks.. and if i can inspire one person to live like that, then i've done my job on this planet. #KeepSmiling ❤️”.

Earlier this year, Maroney announced she won’t be competing in Rio. She told the GymCastic podcast, "You have to be so passionate and so in love with gymnastics to be able to get to the Olympics. When you start losing even just an ounce of that, I was like, 'I’m not going to make it. I’m not.' I don’t want anybody to think that McKayla is retiring. I don’t even want people to use that word... The only difference is I’m not competing anymore.” Watch!