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'Scandal's' Tony Goldwyn Has a DNC Surprise Up His Sleeve

Tony Goldwyn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant on the hit “Scandal” and is a longtime backer of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, got his chance to speak at the DNC last night.

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Tony introduced the Mothers of the Movement, and talked to “Extra’s” AJ Calloway about why he is so passionate about making his voice heard this political season, while revealing he’s not done at the DNC yet, “There will be another surprise from me on Thursday.”

Goldwyn said he wanted to be involved because “the stakes are high,” adding, “I feel like as Americans we all have the right to use our voice and I think that's also a responsibility so I’ve always advocated for things I believe in, in this case I felt there’s been a lot of misappropriations about Hillary Clinton and who she is and what she has done… The more I studied the work of her life the more I thought people don’t know all that this woman has done for the American people… So I’ve been going around telling people what I have learned and how I feel and encouraging people to do their homework.”

Tony is not the only “Scandal” star who did their homework and decided to back Hillary. Goldwyn directed a slew of stars from Shonda Rimes’ shows in a commercial showing their support, “Our cast are big Hillary supporters… She visited our set last year to come say hi because there are so many admirers.” His boss Shonda is slated to speak Thursday at the DNC, but Tony would not give up details on her speech.

“Shonda never reveals her tricks to me… If it's anything like the first script of ‘Scandal’ Season 6, which we just read yesterday out loud, it rocks people, I'm telling you,” he said.

Tony also laughed off Hillary’s earlier remarks about hiring Goldwyn as her VP. “Thank God Tim Kaine, got the job over me, that was maybe her first brilliant decision,” the actor said.

Goldwyn is happy with her choice, “He’s incredibly qualified and a really good incredibly thoughtful and knowledge person.”

He’s also thrilled to be at the convention, “nominating our first woman to be President of the United States is a huge deal so I'm really excited to be part of it.”