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Is Lindsay Lohan Really Pregnant with Egor Tarabasov’s Baby?

Actress Lindsay Lohan is fueling reports that she may not be pregnant after all after she was photographed smoking on a yacht off Sardinia, Italy.


Lohan is getting in some much-needed R&R with close friends after her public spat with fiancé Egor Tarabasov over the weekend. Though she shouted outside her London flat that the relationship was over, she may be giving him another shot. Her father Michael told Gossip Cop that she texted him that she was pregnant. He added, “If she’s pregnant, I find it hard to believe she’d end it so quickly without giving Egor a chance to go to rehab and redeem himself. Lindsay is a very dedicated and loving person. I don’t think she’d ever turn my back on someone that quickly.”


On Tuesday, Lohan apologized for making her relationship drama public and hinted that she was hoping things will eventually work out with her and Egor. She said on Instagram, "Maybe things can be fixed... Maybe not.. I hope they can."

Though Egor has not commented on the drama, he was spotted leaving Lindsay's London home with suitcases, sports equipment, and suit jackets. The Daily Mail reports he has moved out of the home and was seen handing the keys to her security.