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Josh Dallas Reveals How His Newborn Baby Boy Is Bonding with Older Son Oliver

Josh Dallas Reveals How His Newborn Baby Boy Is Bonding with Older Son Oliver

“Once Upon a Time” stars Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas just welcomed a baby boy, Hugo, in June and already have adorable stories about him!

They are also parents to son Oliver, 2, who they say has adjusted very well to his role as big brother. ExtraTV.com caught up with Josh at a round-table interview at Comic-Con 2016, where Josh shared, "He's lovin' it. He's taking it very seriously. Every morning, we do something called 'Boy 101,' where Hugo gets down and does tummy time and Oliver starts showing him boy stuff — dump trucks, construction stuff, and Hot Wheels."

Josh was on hand to promote the sixth season of "Once Upon a Time" with co-star Colin O'Donoghue, who dished on the relationship of his character (Hook/Killian) and Emma, played by Jennifer Morrison. The two characters had their ups and downs, but by the end of the season, they had true love. As for how their relationship will evolve, O'Donoghue teased, "I think now... in the context of living in Storybrooke, how can their relationship flourish and develop? How [Hook's past] will affect his relationship with Emma [and] how she would see him. It’s going to be very complicated. I think part of it, too, is it’s going to be fun, ya know, because they realize now… 'We're a couple.' They are going to try and figure it out."

ExtraTV.com also caught up on the interviews with Rebecca Mader (Zelena/Wicked Witch), Emilie de Ravin (Lacey/Belle), Lana Parrilla (Regina/Evil Queen), Jared Gilmore (Henry), and the creators Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis, who gave hints on what is to come in the upcoming season.


In Season 5, Zelena and Regina learn they had a close relationship when they were younger before their mom Cora wiped away their memories. Zelena decided to save Regina, instead of her love Hades. When asked if the two sisters' relationship will be tested in this coming season, Mader answered, "There's a lot going on. To kill the love of your life for your sister, it’s just so many things to deal with. Zelena can't catch a break. It's going to be bonkers."

Mader reflected on shooting that scene, which also featured the death of Regina's love Robin Hood. "That was crazy. Stabbing Hades in the chest, I'm like 'Whaattt?' and Robin Hood is on the floor. What a hard day at the office that was. I was crying all day — so intense."

Speaking of Regina, she has a close relationship with adopted son Henry. Lana shared a funny story about how she hasn't quite adjusted to the fact that Jared is growing up before her eyes. She said, "The other day, we were filming, we were trying to figure out who was going to stand on which side and I thought, 'Okay, well, I should probably stand on the left of Jared because I'm taller,' and I looked over at Jared and was like, 'Hi. I'm not taller now.'"

This season, more characters will be introduced, including Aladdin, Jafar, and Jasmine. Another familiar face will be returning, too... Cinderella, played by Jessy Schram, who recently starred on "Nashville." As for Cinderella's storyline, Horowitz shared, "We saw in Season 1 that there was a cross between Snow [White] and Cinderella. This year, when we revisit Cinderella's story, we'll see when they first met."

Kitsis added, "Cinderella was actually the very first happy ending ever returned. It was Episode 4, Season 1. We know that the Evil Queen is out there, and the fact with theseuUntold stories, it’s all going to come together."

"Once Upon a Time" returns September 25.