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Newscasters Weigh In on the Republican National Convention

The RNC is dominating the news cycle, with all the networks and the biggest names covering every moment of the GOP’s main event. This week, “Extra’s” AJ Calloway was on hand in Cleveland, where he spoke to some of the newscasters, who weighed in on the action.

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NBC Nightly News host Lester Holt told AJ there is a reason why Ivanka’s speech Thursday night could be scrutinized like no other. He explained, “Ivanka is someone people are going to watch carefully because there is a sense she is kind of running a lot of this from behind the scenes… I think it's been widely accepted that Ivanka has a great deal of influence.”

ABC World News Tonight anchor David Muir commented, “A huge part of this campaign is about Donald Trump the outsider… This is about the Trump family success story — that’s the story that they want to put out there.” Looking ahead to Donald’s speech, he said it’s about “whether or not he is able to balance his real talent for television and producing and the showbiz mentality with appearing presidential, proving to the American people that he can be president.”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper shared his thoughts on the importance of Trump’s family at the RNC, saying, “One of the things I think the campaign wants to get out at the end of this week is to show a different side to Donald Trump, kind of the family man, the side we haven’t seen before, and the kids are a huge part of that.”

AJ caught up with the whole “CBS This Morning” gang, including Charlie Rose, who was excited to be on the convention floor. He discussed the impact Trump’s children have. “It's important because they're the family and they know him better than anyone else and they can go beyond the political rhetoric you'll hear from speakers — who will be on the attack against the Democrats and against Hillary — to give you a different side of the man they call their father.”

Gayle King added, “Any time you get to see somebody as a dad, or a parent, or spouse just adds to who they are. They aren’t using talking points, they are talking about the man they know."

Norah O’Donnell, a former White House correspondent, said, “This is unlike any other political convention I’ve been at… This is about Donald Trump, who was not previously associated with the Republican party and the prime-time speakers are not senators, governors — most of them are members of the Trump family.”

The CBS crew broadcasting team was right across from “Good Morning America” at the convention. “I gotta tell you this is one of the things I love about the convention,” Robin Roberts chimed in. “We get to see our friends… everybody's together… see, we like each other, people. There are no morning-show wars!"