Did Carrie Fisher Just Reveal a Major ‘Star Wars Episode 8’ Spoiler?

Did Carrie Fisher Just Reveal a Major ‘Star Wars Episode 8’ Spoiler?
Getty was at Carrie Fisher’s Princess Diaries panel today at Star Wars Celebration in London, where she may have revealed a major spoiler about “Episode 8.”

Fisher, who was accompanied by her dog Gary, seemed a bit confused by a question asked by host Warwick Davis, and that’s when the possible slip happened.

Davis asked how much background she was given on the events taking place between “Return of the Jedi” and “The Force Awakens,” but she mistook the question for what happened between “The Force Awakens” and “Episode 8”

The actress, who is known as Princess Leia in the franchise, answered, “Han’s funeral…,” which could be a scene in the upcoming film.

Fisher seemed to realize her mistake, saying, “The old one, oh,” and quickly moved on without explaining if the funeral would take place before “Episode 8” or at the start.

What she said next did shed some light on Princess Leia’s relationship with Han Solo before he was killed by their son Kylo Ren.

“Han and I have a very, very volatile relationship, obviously, which leads to space divorce as you know. No, I don’t think we are divorced ― just estranged.”

She continued, “We had a child who turned out to be Hitler,” joking, “You would feel bad, too, if your son did all that... I did spank Adam [Driver] when I first met him so that felt good. He’s very tall, so I don’t think he was scared.”

“Episode 8” hits theaters December 17, 2017.