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'Ghostbusters' Star Leslie Jones Rocks It in Red at Premiere

'Ghostbusters' Star Leslie Jones Rocks It in Red at Premiere
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All the ladies of the new, female-driven "Ghostbusters" reboot looked great at Saturday's star-studded premiere — Melissa McCarthy in yellow, Kristen Wiig in pink, Kate McKinnon in blue — but Leslie Jones stood out in red.

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Yasss, Leslie!

The "Saturday Night Live" comic captured attention last month when she took to social media to call out the fact that many top designers had declined to dress her for the film's premiere. Really? A major movie filled with stars, and an "SNL" regular, yet nobody wanted to pitch in?

Calling out the industry worked — "Project Runway" veteran Christian Siriano immediately replied that he would love to work with her. It was a match made in heaven, resulting in a stunning, floor-length red number for Leslie that allowed her to get a little leggy.

You can tell she liked it by her Instagram feed!

Leslie has vowed to "remember everything," so here's hoping she continues working with Siriano in the future, or do what co-star and fellow plus-sized actress Melissa McCarthy did and start her own fashion line.

"Extra" caught up with Leslie and the cast on the red carpet. Watch!