Exclusive: Sofia Vergara Reveals Her Birthday Plans and Why She Wanted to Honor the Victims of Orlando

Only “Extra” was with “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara as she launched her new perfume, Tempting, at Beautycon in Los Angeles.


The 43-year-old looked stunning in a black bodycon dress as she sat down with Renee Bargh and revealed what she has in store for her 44th birthday this weekend. “I thought I was not going to be in town… I organized something really fast last week, so it’s just going to be, like, a dinner; it’s not going to be that big or that crazy, it’s just going to be simple, 'cause I thought I really was going to be in New York.”

Instead, the Colombian beauty will be here in Los Angeles. No doubt, husband Joe Manganiello will be by her side. The duo is the picture of good health in Hollywood, both rocking insane bodies.

Sofia told Renee her fitness secret is: Everything in moderation. “It’s a reality that you do have to make the effort — things are not in the same place that they used to be… I try not to compare myself to anyone… I work out when I can, I try to eat healthy Monday through Friday, the weekend I eat cake. I love entertaining… I sacrifice myself during the week so during the weekend I can do whatever I want.”

She added, “The way you live in your twenties and your thirties is something that’s going to show when you're 40.”

As for her newest fragrance, she said, “This is my third fragrance… I thought it was the perfect thing, what I needed, because every woman needs a fragrance that is sexy, that makes her feel sexy and wanted and ready for action, whatever that is — a party, a date, a business meeting, an event, something that you want that extra thing that makes you feel more put-together.”

Sofia recently volunteered her voice to a special commemoration of the Pulse gay nightclub shooting in Orlando, taking part in a Human Rights Campaign video directed by Ryan Murphy that featured dozens of stars remembering details of each victim's life. “This is the country we live in, this is the people that we love… Such a horrible and unnecessary... how do you even understand that another human being can do that to other human beings for no reason and think that is right? It is very sad and we should all support things like that and we should all be aware.”