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Friend Who Found Bobbi Kristina Brown in Bathtub Speaks Out for First Time

Friend Who Found Bobbi Kristina Brown in Bathtub Speaks Out for First Time

Max Lomas, the friend who found Bobbi Kristina Brown facedown in her bathtub on January 31, 2015, is speaking out for the first time.

Lomas, who admits to using drugs that night, told People magazine the tragic events still haunt him.

He claims “things were shaky” between Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina leading up to the incident. "They were just trying to stay out of each other's way."

Lomas recalls hanging at a club with Gordon when Brown called and accused him of being at a strip club and cheating with exotic dancers.

"They were arguing the whole way home,” Lomas said. “We get home and she is just sitting there on the ground all delusional... just in her own little world."

Eventually, Bobbi Kristina and Nick made up and headed upstairs. It was the next morning that Lomas discovered Bobbi unconscious in a cold bath. He doesn’t know what happened between the time she went upstairs and the time that he found her.

"I saw her there, and I picked her up out of the water and laid her on the ground,” he said. "I saw the color of her face and that she wasn't breathing. I called for Nick and called 911."

Nick gave her CPR. Lomas saw Bobbi Kristina regurgitate water twice.

Lomas said Nick had a meltdown afterward. "Nick was hysterical, on the ground outside, kicking and screaming.”

Bobbi Kristina, the only child of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, never regained consciousness, passing away on July 26, 2015.