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Pop Culture UberFacts You Never Knew You Needed to Know!

The internet can’t get enough of Kris Sanchez’s bizarre, unimportant, and mind-boggling UberFacts!


After gaining a massive Twitter following, he’s released a book of facts culled from an exhaustive variety of sources — science, journals, books, media, and literary magazines — called “Cats Are Capable of Mind Control: And 1,000+ UberFacts You Never Knew You Needed to Know.”

Check out 10 fun pop culture facts from the book below!

  • Christopher Walken was a lion tamer for a circus as a teenager. He applied for the job because he “liked cats.”
  • The welcome sign in Kurt Cobain’s hometown of Aberdeen, Washington, says “Come As You Are.”
  • Bob Marley gave credit for “No Woman, No Cry” to Vincent Ford, a friend who ran a soup kitchen, to ensure the royalty checks would keep it open.
  • “Frozen" was the first animated Disney feature to be directed by a woman.
  • Marilyn Manson’s real name is Brian Hugh Warner.
  • Prince played more than 25 different instruments on his debut album "For You.”
  • Mary-Kate Olsen decorated her wedding ceremony with bowls of cigarettes.
  • Nicolas Cage bought an octopus as a pet. He thought it would help with his acting.
  • Steven Spielberg refused to direct the Harry Potter films because it wouldn’t be a challenge.
  • Madonna was fired from Dunkin Donuts for squirting jelly donuts at customers.

“Cats Are Capable of Mind Control” is available now! Buy it here.