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What Jenna Dewan & Channing Tatum Don’t Agree On in Their Marriage

What Jenna Dewan & Channing Tatum Don’t Agree On in Their Marriage

Actress Jenna Dewan is showing off her bikini bod in Women’s Health’s July/August issue, where she opened up about her relationship with husband Channing Tatum.

Channing is one of the most lusted-after men in Hollywood... and Jenna has no problem with that at all! She said, “I think he’s the sexiest thing in the world, so of course I get why other people think it. It’s always fun and we laugh about it.”

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The couple, who met while filming “Step Up,” have been together for 11 years and have ways of making their marriage work, but there are some things on which they just don’t mesh. She admitted, "He really did try to be vegan for six months. The guy doesn’t like vegetables, which makes it tough. It was hard in the beginning because you want someone to be on the same page, but you’ve gotta let people be themselves.”

Jenna recently took part in Spike TV’s “Lip Sync Battle,” where she gave Channing a lap dance. She said, "I would do 'Lip Sync Battle' every week if I could because inherently, I am a very frustrated popstar who can’t actually sing, but I love the idea of pretending I can. So 'Lip Sync Battle' was like, the dream project for me to work on."

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For more on Jenna, grab a copy of Women's Health.