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'Property Brother' Won't Face Charges in Bar Incident

'Property Brother' Won't Face Charges in Bar Incident
Drew, left, and Jonathan Scott

Jonathan Scott, who stars alongside twin Drew in the HGTV show “Property Brothers,” won’t face charges following an April incident at a bar in Fargo.

Prosecutors decided there was not enough evidence to charge the building contractor or bar staff.

In security footage, Scott appears to get into a shoving match with a member of the bar staff. He leaves at one point, but then returns. The star claims that the bouncer put him in a choke hold, which can be seen in these TMZ photos.

City Attorney Erik Johnson told InForum.com that the incident did not warrant assault or disorderly conduct charges.

On Thursday, Jonathan posted on Instagram, “I really loved my visit to Fargo and the warmth I was welcomed with by everybody. One unsavory experience won't spoil that. I'm also glad I stepped in to assist these folks I felt were being mistreated. But it's an unfortunate reminder that sometimes when you try to help out... you get bitten in the process. #GlassRemainingEverHalfFull.”