Megyn Kelly Defends Melania Trump

Megyn Kelly Defends Melania Trump

She spent a wild election season trading barbs with Donald Trump, and now Megyn Kelly is speaking out about the woman by his side.

Kelly told “Extra’s” Mario Lopez she admires Melania Trump, adding, “I do think she's undergone her own bouts of real sexism in this race. I thought the New York Times article referring to her as a mannequin and a trophy wife was really beyond the pale, and I happen to believe they would not have said that had she been married to a liberal democrat.”

She also opened up about her own spouse, Douglas Brunt, and their awkward first kiss.

“I was being stalked by a convicted felon at the time, so I had two guards with me 24/7,” she said. “We had a lovely date my husband and I, but we were being watched and it was clear it was going to happen and he leaned in for the kiss. The two guards turned their backs… we knew they were sort of watching and it was just awkward and we said good night.”

Megyn continued, “The next day I was going to see him again and I went to his hotel room and I said to the guards, 'You guys wait here,' and I went up to the hotel room and I knocked on the door and said, 'Let's go back inside. I can do better'… and he said, 'Come on in!'"

The FOX News superstar and mother of three revealed even more about herself during Mario’s rapid-fire quiz. Watch!