Alisan Porter Declares Curly Sue Dead as She Is Crowned ‘The Voice’ Winner!

Alisan Porter Declares Curly Sue Dead as She Is Crowned ‘The Voice’ Winner!

It was all about girl power on last night’s “The Voice” finale, as Alisan Porter from Team Christina took home the top prize!

As the first female coach whose team has won on the show, Christina Aguilera said the accomplishment “means everything,” later adding, “Tonight is a true victory for women, and women that work hard, and women that are mothers.”

After her big win, Porter said one thing for sure is that her previous claim to fame, playing the title character in the 1991 movie "Curly Sue," is retired for good.

“She’s dead!” ther former child star told reporters backstage. “I am now the girl who won ‘The Voice.’ I would like you all to know. I’ve waited 30-something years for that! She’s dead!”

Christina agreed, declaring, “Alisan Porter is born!”

So what’s next for Alisan, besides some down time with her family? A new album!

The 34-year-old said she’s aiming for a “classic vibe” and will draw on her experiences over the past 10 months. She doesn’t plan to stick with any particular genre, she just wants it to be “organic and natural” and “from the heart.”

The singer credits Christina for helping her get to where she is today.

“I love people who lead by example and she was a perfect example for me as a mother and artist and she is such a powerful woman, she is such a strong personality, but she is also vulnerable and sweet and she just embraced me right away, so I always felt comfortable enough to learn from her and to bounce ideas off of her.”

Christina wasn’t the only star helping her along the way. Good friend Adam Lambert also supported Alisan throughout the competition.

“I think we talked every single day throughout this process… I mean, from beginning to end, with song choices, with outfits, he’s so particular. He’s like, ‘Your makeup tonight was perfect except for this.’”

Porter continued, “He cares for me because we’ve come up together. I was there when he was doing ‘Idol,’ I mean, picking songs, sitting at the cafés, 'what should you sing?'" It was so crazy to have him be able to do the same thing for me. He’s touring the world with himself and fronting Queen, so, you know, for him to be taking time to call me and see how I’m doing and [ask] ‘How’s your spirit? How’s your body? How’s your soul?’ Things like that where, you know, those are the things that true friends really care about through all of this, because you really can get trampled if you’re not prepared for what this work was.”