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Bill Cosby Admits to Having Sexual Contact with Teenagers

Bill Cosby Admits to Having Sexual Contact with Teenagers

In newly released portions of a deposition he gave in Andrea Constand’s lawsuit against him, actor Bill Cosby admitted he had sexual encounters with two teenage girls.

He revealed an agency would supply him with "five or six models" each week while he was filming his sitcoms. He also admitted he treated struggling actresses to a “very, very good meal” and recalled a sexual encounter he had with a teenage girl in 2000. When he was asked if he had the 17-year-old girl use lotion to rub his genitals, he responded, “Yes.”

In the deposition, which was recorded in 2005 and 2006, Cosby also admitted giving Quaaludes to Therese Serignese in Las Vegas when she 19. When Constand’s lawyer asked if Cosby agreed that Serignese was in no position to have sex after he gave her the drug, Cosby responded, "I don't know... How many years ago are we talking about? 197(6)?... I meet Ms. Picking in Las Vegas. She meets me backstage. I give her Quaaludes. We then have sex.”

In 2014, Serignese said to WPTV about her encounter with Cosby, "I took them, didn't know what they were, didn't even ask. I just was intimidated, I guess, and I took them. Then my next memory is feeling drugged and him having sex with me."

Though he gave Quaaludes to women, he never took them himself because they made him sleepy. He explained, "Quaaludes happen to be a depressant. I have had surgery and while being given pills that block the nervous system, in particular the areas of muscle, the back, I found that I get sleepy and I want to stay awake.”

Cosby also addressed another complaint from a young actress, who claimed he wanted her to perform oral sex on him, which he denied.

The new details were released just one day before he was scheduled to attend a preliminary hearing in Pennsylvania on charges he drugged and sexually assaulted Constand at his Elkins Park mansion in 2004.


At the preliminary hearing on Tuesday, a judge ruled Cosby will face trial on charges of sexual assault. Constand was not on hand for the hearing, but prosecutors did read a 2005 statement from a police report, in which she claimed Cosby gave her pills that made her dizzy.