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Calvin Harris Hospitalized Following Scary Car Collision

Calvin Harris Hospitalized Following Scary Car Collision

On Friday, Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Calvin Harris, aka Adam Wiles, was hospitalized after being injured in a car crash.

According to a statement on Facebook, "Adam's transport was involved in a collision this evening on the way to the airport. As a result he will be unable to perform at Omnia tonight. He has been examined by doctors and told to rest for a few days.”

TMZ has obtained photos from the crash scene, which showed a crumpled Volkswagen bug at the side of Calvin’s damaged SUV. The two cars could have had a head-on collision if the accident had happened a second earlier.

It was reported the 16-year-old driver of the bug was speeding up Coldwater Canyon around 11 p.m. when she lost control, nearly crashing into the mountain. When she tried to jerk the wheel and avoid the mountain, she ended up crashing into the SUV containing Calvin instead. The crash caused one of the passengers in the bug to be ejected. The passenger suffered a broken pelvis, but is expected to recover.

After the accident, Harris was taken to the hospital for a facial laceration, but was cleared to leave after he was treated. He has canceled two shows since the collision.