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Jaimie Alexander Clears the Air on Her ‘Bruised' Back

Jaimie Alexander Clears the Air on Her ‘Bruised' Back

Earlier today, “Blindspot’s” Jaimie Alexander attended the NBC Upfronts, where she set the record straight on what appeared to be bruises on her back at an Operation Smile gala last week.


After pictures surfaced of her back, there was some cause for concern. She revealed to “Extra’s” AJ Calloway, "I was in Mexico and I have the worst sunburn on my back, I have four fingers back here, I’m not sure how I did this, I put sunscreen on and I was trying to hurry and clearly didn’t rub it in. There is hand print on my back and a thumb print here and it’s super awkward and I was like, 'I got to cover it up cause people are gonna be like, “What is happening?”' Had the reverse effect.”

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She went on, “Listen, man, if someone gave me bruises like that, they’d be six feet under.”

When AJ told her there were reports it could be from her being covered in tats for her hit NBC show, she laughed, “They are stickers.”

She confessed it can take up to eight hours if she does her full body. “I usually do what’s poking out of my clothes so it will take, like, half an hour.” About the tattooed look, Jaimie shared, “It’s like wearing a superhero outfit... I like wearing the neck tattoos home.”

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