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Scott Eastwood's Surfing Livestream Turns Shirtless

Scott Eastwood's Surfing Livestream Turns Shirtless
Facebook Live

Actor Scott Eastwood gave viewers an eyeful on Wednesday during a Facebook Live event!

The 30-year-old heartthrob spent most of his livestream in a wetsuit, showing off his surfing skills. "Hey, everybody! Thought it'd be cool to show you guys what it's like surfin'," he said, egged on by a group of friends.

He also spoke about cleaning up the oceans via the Pristine Seas Project, a cause near to his heart.

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Facebook Live
Scott's a huge fan of cleaning up our oceans!

Toward the end of the raucous video, filled with party-ready whoops and water shenanigans, Eastwood shucked his suit and showed off his leading-man muscles.

If this doesn't help focus attention on what's in our bodies of water, what will?

Check out the whole video here!