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Duncan Jones Knows Dad David Bowie Would Be Proud of His Movie 'Warcraft'

Duncan Jones Knows Dad David Bowie Would Be Proud of His Movie 'Warcraft'

Duncan Jones misses his father David Bowie, but he knows he would be proud of him.

The producer sat down with “Extra” special correspondent Akbar Gbajabiamila to talk about the latest film he directed, “Warcraft,” and losing his music legend father after a private 18-month battle with cancer.

He told Akbar, “I think he’d be proud, I know he’d be proud, I got to show him some early stuff we were working on, the special effects, got to show him the close ups on Durotan and stuff and he was amazed at what we were doing.”

Jones is about to become a father himself. He and wife Rodene Jones are expecting their first baby in June. They made the announcement just one month after David passed away, “My dad knew about that as well, we got to spend a little quality time before he passed away.” He added, “When the baby is born, I think I’ll be a wreck.”

Jones is bringing the video game “World of Warcraft” alive in his movie which portrays the initial encounters between the humans and the orcs established in the video game series. Duncan, an avid gamer, explained, “I’m of a generation that grew up playing video games, so to me it’s kind of part of who I am, it’s part of my DNA, having the chance to work on a big fantasy film, that’s something that as a filmmaker I’ve always aspired to.”