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Sharon Osbourne’s Private Eye Confirmed Her Suspicions About Ozzy

Sharon Osbourne’s Private Eye Confirmed Her Suspicions About Ozzy

Sharon Osbourne reportedly hired a private investigator before her split from Ozzy Osbourne.

Sharon used the investigator after she had growing suspicions about Ozzy’s faithfulness. A source told In Touch, “[Sharon] found out that Ozzy was spending a lot of money. She wanted to know what he was buying and who he was buying it for. The investigator discovered that he was basically living a double life.”

Rumors are swirling that Sharon and Ozzy’s split was caused by his alleged affair with hairstylist Michelle Pugh. Another source said to Page Six, “Sharon is devastated... She suspected for some time things were going on. The kids are devastated, and [daughter] Kelly is very disappointed with her father for hurting her mother — especially after putting up with his repeated rehabs.”

Though Sharon and Ozzy have broken up, there is still a chance for reconciliation. The insider said, "They constantly fight and get back together.” Another friend added, "It wouldn’t be a surprise if they worked things out.”

On Tuesday, Sharon confirmed the split rumors on “The Talk” and added, “He's back and I'm out of the house.” On getting back together, Sharon shared, "I honestly don't know. At this point, I cannot answer that because I don't know what I want.”

She addressed the split again on Wednesday, telling "The Talk" viewers, "I was just overwhelmed by the reaction and just so much love, it's just amazing."