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George Clooney & Julia Roberts Dish on Carpool Karaoke and Politics at Her First Cannes Appearance

It’s always a good time when two of the biggest celebrities, Julia Roberts and George Clooney, come together for a movie!

The duo sat down with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway in Cannes, where they will premiere their latest film, “Money Monster,” dishing on everything from their epic Carpool Karaoke with Gwen Stefani to politics.

George revealed how the epic sing-a-long with Gwen Stefani on “The Late Late Show with James Corden” came to fruition. “We talked to them about doing something with James and they sort of mentioned, 'Why don’t you guys do carpool karaoke,' and we were like, 'Because we are terrible singers,' and I said, 'If you can find a singer, maybe we’ll jump in the back of the car,' and shockingly Gwen said yes.”

Julia chimed in, “It was amazing that she allowed us to encroach upon.” George added, “I think most of them would have said no,” to which Julia added, “They should say no.” George pointed out, “If I was like Adele, for instance, I would be like, ‘Ha ha ha, no, that’s never gonna happen.'”

Clooney is, however, saying yes to Hillary Clinton. He recently hosting, along with his wife, a star-studded fundraising event for her at their L.A. home. As for the “crazy” presidential race, he shared, “We tend to lose our minds every once in a while, and we sort of figure it out. I feel fairly confident that we are not going to be using fear as a tool, we aren't afraid of immigrants, migrants, or refugees or women, and think the idea of using those tools to elect people will become unfashionable quickly.”

His good friend Julia is no stranger to his feelings about politics, saying, “I’ve seen the political side of George. To know George is to know his passions and opinions and fortunately ours align very naturally.”

When AJ commented he is waiting for Clooney to run for office, the two cracked jokes. Julia said, “Run from here,” while George responded, “Run from you, man!”

Deciding to work on “Money Monster” together was a complete no-brainer for George and Julia. George explained, “Jodie sent me the script, I said yes. I sent Julia the script, she said, ‘We have fun together and it’s easy.' There’s something about working with Julia, you know exactly what she’s gonna do and you feel comfortable with that — it’s a rare thing and we have fun.”

Roberts added her two cents, saying, “It’s amazing with how busy people can be it came together — for me, by the time I came into it — really easily and amazingly.”

Speaking of amazing, this is Roberts’ first time at Cannes. She commented, “I was never here. I was waiting for just the right moment.”

Julia is relying on George to show her the ropes at tomorrow’s gala for her first walk up the famous red-carpet steps. “It’s really thrilling,” she said. Turning to George, she asked, “Will you hold my hand? I can’t go up by myself.”