Sharna Burgess’ ‘DWTS’ Blog: 'We Had a Bomb Dropped on Us Last Night'

Sharna Burgess’ ‘DWTS’ Blog: 'We Had a Bomb Dropped on Us Last Night'

"Dancing with the Stars” pro Sharna Burgess is blogging exclusively for this season. Check out her latest post below!

I can’t believe it, we are in the semi-finals! Antonio and I had our best night ever! Throughout the week, I could see how dedicated Antonio was to taking it all the way. He was turning up early for rehearsal and he wanted to stay late. We were working until one or two o’clock in the morning this week because Antonio wanted to push himself harder than he ever has before. All of that hard work completely paid off tonight. He glided across the floor in our Viennese waltz with a beautiful frame. We had a beautiful chemistry and connection and he really embodied the character of that Viennese waltz.

Then, cut to the complete opposite with our team dance with Paige and Mark, where he became a strong, dominant beast who not only danced brilliantly, but also took care of Paige in what is a very complicated and difficult lift to do. I could not have been more proud of Antonio and Paige in that number. It was incredibly stressful to put together with very minimal time and the only reason that number was as phenomenal as it was, was because of what those two brought to it.

Working with Carrie Ann is always a pleasure, I loved working with her on the last judges' challenge when I was with Noah Galloway. She absolutely lived up to this week with her creative ideas; it was so much fun to create with Carrie Ann and Mark. I love how outside the box they think because that is the way that I work, too. I feel like we came up with a very memorable and special piece.

Headed into next week, we had a bomb dropped on us tonight, and that is that it will be double elimination! None of us saw that coming, and it really is quite frightening because we have absolutely no control. The dancing has already been done and the decision will be made next week. I truly hope that AB and I get to go all the way to the final because I have the most amazing idea for freestyle that is a tribute to the Steeler Nation from Antonio saying thank you for everything they have given him. I really want to create that piece, not just for Antonio but for Pittsburgh and for the Steelers!

Thank you to all the Steelers fans, to all my fans and all our "Dancing with the Stars" fans! You guys have kept us here and you got us through to that semi-final and we could not express how much we love you and how grateful we are for you. Let’s keep voting, let’s keep fighting for Team Boomin’ and we are going to take it all the way and hopefully we are going to take home that mirror ball!

"Extra's" Tracey Edmonds was backstage after the show catching up with Sharna and Antonio, along with the rest of the cast and their pro partners. Check it out!