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Lauryn Hill Arrives Late for Her Concert, Twitter Explodes

Lauryn Hill Arrives Late for Her Concert, Twitter Explodes
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The artistry of Grammy winner Lauryn Hill is never in question, but her serial tardiness at concerts has come to a head, leading to a Twitterstorm of complaints.

For her Friday night appearance at Chastain Park in Atlanta, Hill arrived two hours later than scheduled. Adding insult to injury, the venue's strict curfew meant the plug was pulled just over 30 minutes into her show.

The short set attracted boos and jeers from Hill's own fans as she waved her hands and seemingly tried to beg for some extra time from the powers that be.

When that failed, she greeted fans, but that led to a confrontation with one, who claimed she had been in the venue for soundcheck hours earlier and demanded that she be more professional. In the clip, Hill steadfastly claims "my driver got lost" and says she can't control things like that.

Watch the tense confrontation!

Thousands took to Twitter to complain about her lack of respect for her fans. Thousands more tweeted their support for her — after all, she is known for her erratic start times.

Hill continues on tour with appearances in Virginia on Sunday and Tuesday.