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Revealed! What Drug Was Found in Prince’s Body When He Died?

Revealed! What Drug Was Found in Prince’s Body When He Died?

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Percocet was found in Prince's system at the time of his death.

A source close to the investigation revealed the news just hours after the Drug Enforcement Agency and the U.S. Attorney’s Office joined forces with the Carver County Sheriff to investigate Prince’s mysterious death.

The cause of death can not be determined until the medical examiner’s office releases its findings, along with the toxicology reports, which could take another week or two.

It was also recently reported that Prince was seeking help for his alleged drug addiction before his death. Dr. Howard Kornfeld of Recovery Without Walls treatment center was scheduled to meet with Prince at Paisley Park on Friday (April 22), just one day after the music legend was found dead in his elevator. Kornfeld’s son Andrew, an addiction specialist, had flown in from California and was supposed to meet with Prince first, on the day Prince’s body was discovered. Andrew is the person who reportedly called 911.

It was reported that Prince overdosed on Percocet while on a plane a few days before his death. TMZ reports that EMTs had to administer a so-called "save shot” in order to revive him.