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Alec Baldwin’s Main Priority in Life Is His Family

Alec Baldwin’s Main Priority in Life Is His Family

Alec Baldwin says he is a changed man after marrying wife Hilaria in 2012.

The pair are already parents to Carmen and Rafael, and are getting ready to welcome another baby boy in the fall. In a candid exclusive interview with “Extra’s” Mario Lopez, Alec reflected, "It’s a funny phase I’m in my life right now where my ambition is gone; all I care about now is my wife and my kids.”

Of becoming a dad again, Alec shared, “When our son is born in September… I will have three children 3 and under… yeah, and I’m 58 years old.” He smiled and said, “As I say to my wife, the really good news is when they start to say things I really don’t want to listen to, I'll be deaf anyway so it won’t matter.”

Alec also gushed over Hilaria, “She’s great and she’s getting ready to launch her book, 'The Living Clearly Method,' about her health and fitness. So much wisdom. When I think about it, my wife is an amazing person to live with. When you marry someone who’s special, really special, you just feel lucky.”

Baldwin feels lucky to have an amazing career, too, and rumors have been swirling that he’s on the short list to replace Michael Strahan on “Live! with Kelly and Michael.” He set the record straight on the reports, saying, “Look, to do that show every morning, I don’t know if I have that kind of muscle anymore to be that fizzy at 9 o’clock in the morning.”

He is, however, shooting TCM’s “A Conversation with Elliott Gould,” and will be hosting a new version of the 1970s game show “Match Game” for ABC. Alec said, “ABC is doing a game show kind of wheelhouse Sunday nights.”

Not only is Alec donating the appearance fees to his charity, he is also looking forward to all the “fun." He commented, “I haven’t done ‘SNL' in a while... these interstitial things you do, these incidental things, so you have fun. I’m hosting a game show!”

He may have a packed schedule in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean he’s moving out of NYC. When asked if he was relocating from New York to Los Angeles full-time, he responded, “No, no."

Baldwin also has no plans to move to Canada if Donald Trump becomes president. “Trump is a symptom of an illness right now... I think the political system in the United States has a 104-degree fever right now, but it will come back, and I do believe that a certain woman will become president of the United States in November.”