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Why Authorities Want Prince’s Home Search Kept Secret

Why Authorities Want Prince’s Home Search Kept Secret

The Carver County Sheriff’s Office has requested a warrant to search Prince’s home, but they want the accompanying documents sealed.

A copy of the search warrant request obtained by “Extra,” notes that the “premature disclosure of the details provided in the search warrant and its accompanying documents may compromise this law enforcement investigation by causing the search or related searches to be unsuccessful, create a substantial risk of injury to an innocent person, or severely hamper this investigation.”

Sources tell TMZ that authorities are worried about evidence tampering as they search the home for evidence like drugs, correspondence, prescriptions, and other medical information.

Yesterday, NBC reported that the prescription painkiller Percocet was found at Prince’s home and that the DEA has been asked to help the sheriff’s office with the investigation.

Prince was found dead in the elevator of his home on April 21. There was no evidence of suicide or foul play. Autopsy and toxicology reports are forthcoming.