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Kerry Washington Talks Hillary Clinton, 'Scandal' and Her Love for Jennifer Lopez

Kerry Washington Talks Hillary Clinton, 'Scandal' and Her Love for Jennifer Lopez

“Scandal” star Kerry Washington took “Extra’s” Charissa Thompson behind the scenes of her hit show!

The actress opened up for the first time about that epic Hillary Clinton set visit and what’s in store for Season 5 of “Scandal.”

Kerry revealed the details behind Clinton’s surprise visit, explaining that she and co-star Tony Goldwyn were supposed to attend a Hillary fundraiser, but it ended early.

“Her fundraiser ended early, and we were still working so I was like, ‘Why don’t you come here?’” adding that she was texting with one of Hillary’s staffers, not the candidate herself.

“She’s working so hard, but I think she got to have a little fun here,” Kerry said of the presidential hopeful.

Meanwhile, Kerry is still having fun playing Washington fixer Olivia Pope, who is still trying to fix her own love life in Season 5.

When Charissa asked if Olivia and Fitz are getting back together, Washington insisted, “I don’t know!”

Kerry added, “I think she’s grown so much over five years, but I think she's fundamentally dealing with core issues in figuring out how to be in healthy relationships.”

Off camera… this married mother of one is juggling family and her hot career, but somehow always looks ripped on the red carpet.

“I try to eat well,” she said. “I try to eat organic and fresh and clean and wholesome food. I try not to eat a lot of junk, and I work out.”

Work and healthy living aside, Washington revealed she likes to have a little fun, too, saying she’s headed to Las Vegas to see Jennifer Lopez!

“I very much want to go see Jennifer Lopez's show, and it didn’t work out for my birthday [in January], so my girlfriends and I are putting the date together. We’re going to go. I’m a huge J.Lo fan. I love you, J.Lo! You know I love you wherever you are. I hear you're killing it, so I’m getting all the girls together and we are going to go see you and it’s going to be spectacular!”

And so is Kerry… in “Scandal” Thursday nights on ABC.