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Who Stands to Inherit Prince’s Millions?

Who Stands to Inherit Prince’s Millions?

UPDATE: Prince's sister Tyka Nelson has filed documents stating that she does not believe the singer had a will. She is asking the court to appoint a special administrator to handle her brother's estate.

It is looking more and more like Prince did not have a will.

So… who will receive his fortune, estimated at around $250 million?

He was twice-divorced with no surviving children, so Prince’s next of kin would be his siblings.

The artist has one full sibling, sister Tyka Nelson; three living half-brothers; and two living half-sisters.

Under Minnesota law, all six would split Prince’s money, assets and future royalties.

Sources tell People magazine that there will likely be a battle over the estate.

Estate attorney Jeffrey P. Scott, partner at St. Paul, Minnesota, firm Jeffrey P. Scott & Associates, told the magazine, “I would be really surprised if there weren't objections and contests in court... I wouldn't expect it to go without contest."

He added that with six siblings involved, "I'd expect the [probate] to last quite some time."