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His Final Days: What Did Prince Know?

His Final Days: What Did Prince Know?

Did Prince know that his life would be cut short?

The artist, 57, was found dead at his Minnesota estate on Thursday. Fans knew he had been sick after his plane was forced to make an emergency landing last week so Prince could be rushed to the hospital.

At the time, his rep said the star was suffering from the flu.

While Prince was expected to return home to recuperate from the illness, he did the opposite, living out his final days riding his bike around town and throwing an $10 all-night dance party at his estate.


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Prince took the stage around midnight to let everyone know he was doing okay. According to TMZ, he told the crowd at the party, "Wait a few days before you waste any prayers."


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He proceeded to show off a new guitar and play "Chopsticks" on his new purple Yamaha piano.

Prince was last seen on April 20, making a run to a local Walgreens. Patrons told TMZ he seemed more frail and nervous than usual. His final photo is shown here.

Sources also tell the site that they were surprised when Prince started writing his memoir a few weeks ago. He had reportedly finished about 50 pages before his death.

Thirty years ago, Prince recorded a song called "Sometimes It Snows in April," which focuses on loss and death. It featured the lyrics, "Sometimes life ain't always the way / Sometimes it snows in April" and "Sometimes I feel so bad, so bad / Sometimes I wish life was never-ending / And all good things, they say, never last."

One Twitter user wrote, "It snowed in April and then He died. Prince predicted his own death. #restinpeace." See more tweets below!