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Jessica Seinfeld on Jerry: 'He Grew Into a Father That I Could Only Dream Of'

Jessica Seinfeld on Jerry: 'He Grew Into a Father That I Could Only Dream Of'

Jessica Seinfeld is getting candid about her husband Jerry. The 44-year-old philanthropist and mom of three sat down with “Extra’s” Charissa Thompson as she got ready for her GOOD+ Foundation’s second annual Fatherhood lunch, which her comedian husband will host.

Jessica and Jerry’s commitment to helping other families is evident since Jessica first launched Baby Buggy, now GOOD+ Foundation 15 years ago, recently expanding its reach to include a focus on involving fathers. Jessica praised Jerry as a dad, but revealed there was a learning curve, “He wasn’t amazing from the beginning, that’s a really interesting thing I think about some men, some men are not automatically incredible fathers.”

She also explained the importance of her foundation’s work with dads. “It is really hard to be a father, it’s not for some men a total connection, right on.” Jessica added, “For Jerry he really grew into being a father that I could only dream of for my kids, so patient, so the opposite of me in a lot of ways.”

Mrs. Seinfeld also gushing over their sons Shepherd and Julian, and daughter Sascha, “We have two teenagers which is always um, dramatic, my kids are great, our kids are amazing… The thing I think as a parent that means a lot is what other people say to you about your kids, the things we hear the most is how grounded, how cool, and how kind and well mannered and sweet our kids are… I just care that they’re good people.”

She also reflected on when she and Jerry first got together, “When we got together it was August of 1998 and it was big baseball time… All we did was stay home and watch baseball and he kept looking over at me to make sure I was ok.” She went on, “I love sports… I could talk about baseball all day long.”

Jessica opened up about what she wants people to take away from her work, “I want it to actually have changed the way families functioned, whether it’s economically or emotionally, I want it to be an innovative and groundbreaking program that really does what we set out to do which is bring hope to people, dignity, grace, and really help them function better at the same time.”

For more information, visit GoodPlusFoundation.org and ProjectFatherhood.org.